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How to Grow Your Franchise Sustainably
Without Costing Your Personal Life

with Dani Peleva

We would like to invite you to an exclusive 60-minute complimentary
How to Grow Your Franchise Sustainably Without Costing Your Personal Life Masterclass with our founder and CEO.


This 60-minute exclusive session is for 8 – 12 select franchisors who are interested in expanding their franchises into new territories without breaking the bank or risking their work-life balance.

During the session, we’ll identify the key pain points most franchisors experience on their entrepreneurial journey. Dani will then discuss the Five Fs of the Franchise Marketing Model with you and its requisites that you need in place to overcome these challenges and to achieve incremental growth and soaring success in your franchise.


Why you’ve been invited

You’ve recently shown an interest in Franchise Fame’s services. Based on working with hundreds of franchisors in the same position as you, we know that the very best way we can offer immediate value is to explain the exact strategy we use to ensure our clients achieve franchise growth and success. The session allows you to see whether or not the tactics we employ align with your plans, and if you like what you hear, we can arrange a 1-on-1 to discuss in more detail how we may be able to support you.

What previous attendees are saying


Dani Peleva is the author of the book, Franchise Fame: An insider’s marketing guide to incremental growth and soaring success for franchisors, and founder and CEO of Franchise Fame, a global franchise marketing agency.

She’s on a mission to connect aspiring entrepreneurs with already successful franchise brands, and in this way to create economic growth, more decent work, and equal opportunities for everybody. Dani sees a world where, through franchising, wealth is more evenly distributed between SMEs and large businesses; a world where being your own boss is not just a dream for those who are bold and extremely talented, but for everyone who wants to become a successful entrepreneur.

Dani has been featured in The Global Franchise Magazine, The Franchise Talk, Medium and many other media outlets. As a key person of influence in the sector, Dani is often invited to talk about franchising and franchise marketing at conferences, corporate events and business podcasts.

What we’ll cover

Franchise Lead Generation

Maintain a full sales funnel with high quality leads ready to invest in your franchise

Franchise Lead Qualification

Identify and select the right candidates with whom to partner

Franchise Reputation

Build and maintain an impeccable franchise reputation

Support your franchisees

Sustain high-performance and satisfaction within your existing network of franchisees

The right team around you

Select the best team players to achieve your goals without breaking the bank or sacrificing your work-life balance


Our sessions are delivered via Zoom Conferencing. During the session, you’ll be able to engage directly with Dani and the other attendees to discuss your own strategy and ask any questions you may have.

Each attendee will receive:

By selecting your session, you are confirming you will be attending. Should there be any changes in your availability you can re-arrange by following the instructions in your confirmation email. A member of our team will contact you to confirm your attendance prior to the session.


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We’re passionate about solving meaningful problems and supporting entrepreneurs to fulfil their dreams.  That’s why we donate a proportion of our revenue to fund entrepreneurs from less privileged backgrounds. This way they can create a business that draws them and their family out of poverty.

When you book your complimentary session, you will have the option to purchase a Ticket for Good. This will support women in Kenya with the business skills and finance they need to start up and run a profitable small business – improving their lives and the lives of those in their local community by improving the standard of living and providing employment opportunities. Not only this, but you’ll fund drinking water for a child in Africa for a whole year, and provide 60 days of education.

We would love it if you can join us on this mission to support 100 entrepreneurs to set up and scale a small business, it would mean their families and their community would no longer have to go hungry, or miss school.


This masterclass is brought to you by Franchise Fame- a marketing agency for the franchise sector. We work with global franchises some of which have a presence in more than 2,600 locations worldwide. Franchise Fame helps franchisors sustainably grow their franchises into territories they previously never dreamed of. Over the years, we have been nominated for and won numerous awards such as the Global Franchise Awards, European Search Awards and Marketing Excellence Awards.